Computer Vision & Graphics

Unleash the power of your imagination with Tyris Software

Our technology

Virtual Reality
We use cutting-edge technology and VR devices to create amazing audiovisual experiences

Augmented Reality
Augment the real world with surprising content like 3D objects and interact like it was actually there

Natural Interfaces
We make it easy to interact with the digital world through body gestures and intuitive interfaces

Digital Signage
Increase your visibility with our high-visual-impact solutions. Interactive surfaces, videowalls, and anything you can imagine

Computer Vision
Solve your problems by applying state-of-the-art computer-vision algorithms, pattern recognition, machine learning and facial identification

Realistic Rendering
We create 3D models out from your specifications or architectural plan. Show to your clients what it is in your mind

3D Mapping
Combine powerful hardware and cutting-edge software to project videos in domes, façades and other structures.

App Solutions
Embody all this technology in an Android and iOS app to take advantage of ubiquitous computing.

Smart TV
Be present in your user’s living room by developing a Smart TV app.

We use the most innovative gadgets

Oculus Rift

Samsung Gear VR

Leap Motion

Microsoft Kinect

Virtual and augmented reality technologies unleash a new way of learning

Jaw-dropping technologies is the key to the new marketing. Be the center of attention at events and exhibitions.

Fast and accurate image analysis increases throughput and assures quality

Feel how your future home will look with immersive technologies

The founders

Héctor Montaner

PhD in Computer Architecture

Javier Oliver

PhD in Computer Vision

David Monzó

PhD in Computer Vision

Haritz Gartzia

M.S. in Intelligent Systems

Some of our clients and partners